With increasing customer demands, todays photographers have to be faster, more flexible and able to handle both mesmerizing stills and engaging video.

In response to this, we created the Lightcore, an ultra-portable video light that is made to fit your existing photography equipment and workflow. Like a speed-light it fits most existing Bowens S-mount adapters and can then accept the same modifiers, but now with constant light.

The Lightcore features a best in class luminous flux of 5800 lumen, the equivalent of 480W tungsten, in the palm of your hand.

With a CRI of 97+ you get accurate colors from the start and decrease the need for time consuming color correction in post.

The Lightcore can be controlled manually or remotely with the Light Control App for iOS and Android, using Bluetooth 5 Mesh for excellent stability and range.


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The Sundisc is the ultra-portable softbox and reversible reflector that fits in your camera bag. Or your handbag. Or your coat pocket. It is the light modifier you can bring anywhere. Everywhere.

The Sundisc sets up in seconds, and at 60cm in diameter, the Sundisc gives you great light. On location.

At 400g and Ø22x5cm folded, The Sundisc is light and small enough to bring it with you in your everyday camera bag.

The Sundisc is reversible to enable both cold and warm light, and it can be used as a reflector as well. It’s also thin and flexible enough to fit where regular softboxes can’t reach.